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World-famous psychic and shaman Miss Cleo guided thousands of people before her untimely passing into the spirit realm. Whether you desire insights into money, relationships, career choices or health, Miss Cleo's live psychic peers stand ready 24/7. Check out our site for free psychic readings, daily horoscopes, psychic site reviews, and content to boost mind and spirit.

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Temperance is an intuitive empath with claircognizant abilities. Being an empath helps Temperance to better connect with individuals from all walks of life.

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I am a professional psychic and counsellor and have a background in relationship matters including Marriage, Divorce, Children and questions worrying you in general.


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Nova has over 35 years of experience in connecting with many clients during her powerful, spiritual journey as a Clairvoyant Advisor. Compassionate reading style.

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Browse through the top recommeded psychics to a get free psychic chat you're looking for, whether its pregancy psychic readings, tarort reading, or love psychics you'll find a reader for your situation.

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Browse through the top recommeded psychics to get a readings you’re looking for, whether its pregancy psychic readings, tarort reading, or love psychics you’ll find a reader for your situation.

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People have always sought to find answers to life’s tough questions, one way to do this is by using a free psychic reading. You can claim your free psychic reading by taking advantage of offers on certain psychic sites to chat with mediums and clairvoyants who provide you with a certain amount of free minutes or in some case a free top up to you account to help you get a psychic reading.

Interest in online mediums is at an all-time high, especially at this uncertain time. With this in mind, we offer you reviews and insights into online psychic sites to help you decide which service is a good match for your personal needs and avoid potential scams.

What kind of things can I ask a psychic?

There are many things you can ask in your free psychic reading. It could range from love, relationships, money and finances through to career and profession.

  • Is my partner being unfaithful? 
  • Will I be lucky in love finally?
  • Am I going to get that much-deserved promotion? 
  • Is my baby going to be a healthy boy or girl?
  • How can I achieve my goals?
  • Will my ex come back into my life?
  • When will I get married?
  • How can I find my soulmate?
  • When will I find a lover?

You might not know what you want to ask and have nothing specific in mind, but that should not stop you as you could find valuable insights by asking a medium for a general reading.

Be upfront and if you’re having a challenging time be honest and open to begin receiving the best guidance.

You’ll get much more out of your reading if your open.

How do I get the best possible reading?

Try to ask open-ended questions; this will allow the reader to embellish and give precise advice about your situation. Give opportunity for the psychic to add relevant and available details. Try and approach your reading with positivity as it will enhance the energy of your psychic reading.

According to the New York Times article titled Psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches. 

What to expect from a reading

During a reading, a psychic will open to all their abilities, connect with spirit guides, read aura, and be open to your loved ones on the other side. Readings can include details about your past, present and future, as well as confirmation and messages from loved ones on the other side.


I was reading an article about pregnancy psychics here at Psychic Luna after I compared psychic sites I chose Psychic Source and was comforted by the reading.

Erica Thomas

Looking for relationship answers, after reading reviews on Psychic Luna I chose Psychic Source for my reading. It helped me reframe things in better light.

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After visiting Psychic Luna for my Horoscope I wanted a 3 min free psychic reading so settled upon Psychic Source and was given a choice of live chat psychic readers.

Tessa Hale

How do a choose a psychic platform that provides a free psychic reading?

So now you know what type of questions you have in mind and are prepared for your reading the next step is to select a platform that has psychic readers available to chat to you either with live video or over the phone. Most of these sites have offers of free minutes in order to ask some questions for free. 

Why not try our instant free fortune cookie reading for fun. Browse through our articles to learn more about psychic reading types or check back daily to view your horoscope. Psychic Luna is brought to you by a small team of dedicated psychic enthusiasts who write content, review psychic sites that offer free minutes and coupons.