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Types Of Psychics Abilities, Do You Have Any of Them?

We'll run through some of the most common types of psychics to help you get a feeling for the type of reading that matches your current situation.

Psychics have many different extrasensory abilities ranging from being able to feel emotions of the people around them to be able to sense the energy of their surrounding environments, while other empaths may possess strong intuition and can tell if something is off or everything is well. There are even some psychics that possess strong precognitive powers which enable them to foresee future events.

It’s quite possible that we all possess a degree of psychic ability, similar to people that may be artistic or sporty. Some become experts in these fields by dedication and practice, so its entirely possible that we can fine-tune empathy and intuition by taking a deeper interest. This focus could lead to the strengthening of dormant abilities. Expert psychic readers have been on such a path which has helped elevate them to their current state of psychic awareness.

Some of the individual psychic abilities allow psychics to gain access to a soul’s knowledge, and also the knowledge that available for the souls that have existed past, present and future in the universe. Often referred to as the Akashic record it can be thought of as a universal hall of records with access to all information and occurrences in all lives. As time is not linear outside of our human 3d reality all time can be accessed at once in the spirit realm which is why psychics such as the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce could predict so many things with accuracy

Since the dawn of the human race, people have been using psychic gifts to help others. Let’s run through the various types of abilities and see which type of psychic reading you could benefit from.

Psychic abilities are nurtured from within. Those with gifts tap into the emotional and energetic aspects of our reality.

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This is the ability to channel spirits from the other side and bring messages from friends, family and loved ones. Some mediums can connect with angels whilst others bring messages from those who passed on.

Channelling means allowing a spirit to communicate through the psychic. The psychic acts as a conduit between the spirit realm and our reality. Having the ability of a medium means you can connect with lost loved ones, angels or spirit guides.


The gift of being able to use the mind’s eye to view what is not psychically present in our reality. This ability often gives you visions of events.


The ability to hear voices and thoughts from either spirit realm or from people in your vicinity.


The gift of intuition to tap into feelings and situations. Sensing a person’s emotion in order to understand what they are going through or experiencing.

Empathic Abilities

This ability endows you with the ability to read peoples emotions and feelings. An empath is incredibly sensitive to others and can sense what mood or situations a person is experiencing.


This particular gift allows you to sense things before they happen. This can be through sudden feelings you may encounter and you may sense good or bad omens and have spontaneous thoughts or vivid dreams that play out like an exact version of what’s to come.

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