Best Ways to Find Your Twin Flame in Cuffing Season

Twin Flame and Cuffing Season

Twin Flames & Cuffing Season 

Tis the season, or cuffing season that is. The nights are getting longer, it’s colder outside, and we’re staying home more often. To make matters more challenging, we can’t forget we’re still dealing with a pandemic.

Cuffing season; that time of year starting in autumn and ends by spring when we focus and reflect on our lives. We take inventory of our relationships. If we’re unattached, it’s when we are most motivated to meet someone significant rather than casual dating.

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What is a twin flame?

And as November 11th approaches, otherwise known as The Dance of the Twin Flame, it shines a light on finding that perfect partner, our person, soul mate, or Twin Flame. Can you find such a person on the internet through a dating app if we’re all stuck home? We don’t have much choice these days since we’re no-where near ‘normal’ as far as social interactions go. The answer is an absolute yes. You can find love using the world wide web!

While we will meet many people throughout our lifetime, whether in real life or on a dating app, we all have one Twin Flame. What is it, and why this such a big deal?

Without getting too woo-woo or technical here, our twin flame rocks our world! A twin flame is the divine spiritual counterpart of a soul. In life, we can find a person who feels like the ‘other part’ of us, and these connections even continue in the spiritual realm.

Are twin flames meant to be lovers?

They don’t necessarily have to be male/female or in a romantic relationship. The gender does not matter, but they are two souls who complement each other’s journey. It changes your life. It’s an intense and usually short-lived relationship, and their purpose is meant to help us grow spiritually.

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Twin Flames & Soul Mates 

There’s a difference between Twin-Flames and soul mates. 

Soul mate is more about energy and vibrational match. They can be in the form of romantic friendship, even co-workers. 

Soul mate connections are important, and we may have several throughout our lives. Still, twin-flame relationships are different, and on a whole other level.

What Does Mean It to Find Your Twin Flame?

Meeting your twin-flame will be like a homecoming. This person will feel familiar, and like you were meant to be together. The connection is off the charts, like two magnets feeling as if it’s impossible to keep away from each other. It would make sense since this person is part of your soul, which can profoundly enriching experience. Twin flames mirror one another and can amplify you as a person, increase your understanding of yourself, positive and negative.

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Does everyone have a twin flame?

Twin flame relationships typically do not last a lifetime, like a soul-mate or life-partner. It is challenging, and not everyone will realize why. That is an indication or way to decipher twin-flames from life-partners. It’s possible to have a long-lasting healthy twin-flame relationship. Still, it requires a lot of inner work, leading to self-love since our twin-flame is part of us. The majority of times, however, they are short-lived but will have the most significant impact on our journey.

How do you know if you’ve found your twin flame?

 A few signs that indicate if you’ve met your twin flame include:-

Sharing the same interests, having similar thoughts or emotions simultaneously, and even appearing in each other’s dreams. 

Most common is that when you are in the relationship, you will have a powerful sense of intuition about that person, and they will have the same experience as you. There’s also the obvious physical attraction and connection that is unlike anyone in your life.

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How to Find Your Twin Flame?

There’s no need to go looking for your twin flame. It’s a possibility you aren’t supposed to meet in this lifetime. Before we incarnate, there is something called a soul contract. It’s where we determine the overarching themes in our lives and lessons we want to learn to further our spiritual growth. We also decide who shows up in our lives what roles they play. But, if you are meant to be together, nothing will get in the way, even during a global pandemic during cuffing season when the odds seem against you. 

What is a Twin Flame Connection?

Being in a close relationship with a twin-flame means the person acts as a reflection, like looking in the mirror. Any unresolved issues, trauma, even things from past lives will be front and center. That’s why these relationships don’t last a long time because of this level of intensity. These are the relationships we never forget, the ones that feel like we have a real connection.

What is the Purpose of A Twin Flame Relationships?

One misconception about Twin Flames is that the relationship is purely about love. It isn’t necessarily about love. It’s about truth. Twin flames can often cause radical awakenings because they can see straight through to one another. We are meant to come together for spiritual growth. We change our perspectives and get us back on the right path.

Do False Twin Flames Exist?

Bear in mind there is such a thing as a false twin flame. This is someone who appears to be a twin flame and has many of the same characteristics. Suppose a false twin flame shows up in your life. In that case, they will help you awaken before your actual twin flame enables you to ascend to higher heights in your spiritual growth and journey. So, not everyone will need to have a false twin relationship before their true twin flame relationship.

What is the difference between a twin flame and a life partner?

If you’re not sure if you’re with your false twin or true twin, your false twin is afraid of commitment, and you’re always doubting the relationship. They also appear to be happy for you when there’s something to celebrate, but you sense they’re not being honest as if they’re jealous or threatened by your success. If there’s conflict, they will be most likely not want to not deal with it, like shut it down or run away.

The stages of a twin flame relationship

What are the Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship?

There are several stages or patterns we go through before meeting this person and throughout the relationship. 

The first is a yearning or an inner knowing that the ‘one’ is out there somewhere. If you’ve seen the movie West Side Story, there’s a song called Who Knows, where Tony, the lead character, sings about just knowing Maria is nearby. “There’s something due, any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows” is one of the lyrics. Sometimes when we are in this stage, we are preparing ourselves by doing more personal growth and development.

Next is making the connection. You become aware of this person, whether it’s in real life or a glimpse in a dream. Physically meeting your twin flame will knock your socks off. It’s exciting! You just know it’s an incredible experience because of your compatibility, and it’s the start of the awakening stage.

Once you are in the relationship and past the blissful ‘honeymoon’ phase, it’s time for the work to be done. It’s when the real ‘us’ is revealed and when we’re testing each other. Setting boundaries, understanding our limitations, and conflicts start to arise.

The next stage happens around anything that is considered feeling the pressure with your twin flame connection. This could result from high anxiety or struggles with coming to terms with our own self-love journey. The silver lining of this ‘crisis’ means if you can work your way through it, that means a stronger, deeper bond, though often it could mean going separate ways.

If you’ve made it this far, expect a stage where you or your twin flame will distance themselves because of facing the reality of how intense the relationship is. One will chase the other. The level of intimacy people experience with this is unlike any other relationship. This stage highlights there is some higher power at work behind the scenes. It will end once the one who is running realizes the connection is worth holding onto.

Surrendering, or accepting is when you can take a deep breath and understand this relationship is your destiny. Working on issues and progressing through this stage is vital. You will feel a little easier since you’re trusting in that higher power, and allows you to live more in the present moment vs. stressing or feeling anxiety.

Finally, there is the reunion stage. You have survived the rocky road of the journey. The hard work inevitably is over. There will be a sense of peace and understanding and could result in larger decisions like moving in together or physically consummating the bond. The learning that took place is a testament to the work done and realizing how special the relationship really is.

Soul Mate VS Twin Flame

Can a twin flame be a soul mate? Soul Mate relationships can be different from twin flames. Often referred to as “mirror soul” or “soul connection,” a twin flame is the other half of your soul.

When comparing a twin flame with a soul-mate, it’s important to note that a soul mate is someone who has a strong connection to you but who has never existed as a part of you on a spiritual level.

The path to finding your twin flame

Spiritual awakening and transformation.

Self-love is an act of the highest vibration since everything is energy. When people’s cups are full, we can be our best selves to those around us. Attracting your twin flame requires doing the hard work where you will need to emerge and heal the darkest parts. Whether or not you are meant to meet your Twin Flame or soul mates in this lifetime, you can still attract loving relationships. 

That way, you can further your spiritual growth and learn lessons. 

The Path to Finding Your Twin Flame Journey

Remember, there are no manifestation rituals or woo-woo witchcraft that will work to draw your Twin Flame into your life. Work on loving yourself no matter what. Act from the heart, and be your best authentic self, so when and if you meet your Twin Flame, you’ll be ready and buckle up for the ride of your life!

Twin Flame vs Soul Mate Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading about your Twin Flame

One of the best ways to find out about your twin-flame is by consulting a psychic reader who can help uncover deep soul related questions and help bring clarity to your twin flame situation.

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