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Keen offers a unique approach to online psychic readings that distinguishes itself from many competitors. Through viewing customer feedback, people can determine which psychic advisors could be a potentially great match. If you have come looking for answers to those burning questions, Keen provides a massive selection of psychic readers that have varied specialities to suit most peoples requests.

If you are considering using an online psychic or medium for a reading either by chat or phone – the key is to find advisors that you like and trust. Keen has some of the best, and it’s up to you to try them and see which fit is best for you. Use the free minutes offer to try out psychics that best suit your needs. As the New York Times article said, “online advisors are the new wellness coaches.” Overall Keen really stands out as a service great experience especially if you choose to connect with good rated psychic advisors.

Keen Psychic Review

Keen Psychic Special Offer

Keen psychic network offers a unique approach to online psychics that distinguishes itself from many competitors. Through viewing feedback, users can determine which Keen psychic advisors could be a potentially great match. If you have come looking for answers to those burning questions, Keen provides a massive selection of psychic readers with varied specialties to suit most people’s requests.

If you consider using an online medium for a reading either by chat or phone, the key is to find advisors you like and trust. Keen psychic has some of the best, and it’s up to you to try them and see which fit is best for you. Use the free minutes offer to try psychic advice that best suits your needs. As the New York Times article said, “online psychics are the new wellness coaches.” Overall, Keen really stands out as a service great experience, especially if you choose to connect with a top-rated psychic.

First Impressions about then Keen Psychic Network

When visiting Keen Psychics, users are presented with various options to help you narrow down and choose a relevant type of reading that suits your needs.

What Kind of Psychics Does Keen Offer its Users

The first option is to select one of the following.

  1. Psychic Readings
  2. Love and Relationships
  3. Life Questions
  4. Tarot Readings
  5. Spiritual Readings

Then you can choose whether to find readers that provide phone or online chat reading service or both. You can then set a suitable price range on their easy to use price range tool that allows you to set minimum and the maximum rate charged by the minute. The minimum price starts at only $1.99/min and goes up to $9.99/min.

When your happy with what your budget is set for, you hit search to be shown a list of readers that match your previously chosen preferences.
The list of Keen psychic advisors displayed is straightforward to browse through due to simple and effective design with a picture of each reader, their username, and a short description to get a feel for each reader’s specialty.

A price is clearly shown next to each advisor, and the most useful piece of profile information is a user’s rating with rating stars, a score, and the number of reviewers. All great features to help you choose by seeing what other users have fed back for each advisor whilst finding the most relevant psychic medium to address your reading needs.

Choosing a Keen Psychic Advisor

Once you have chosen a medium from the list, it’s as easy as pressing the chat now button, or if the advisor is not available at the time, you can click “arrange a chat,” which will allow you to contact them and schedule a reading for a future date or time.

To chat with your chosen medium on Keen psychic, you must create a new account. 

Creating a new Account

After clicking the “chat with advisor “button, you are presented with a really “easy to fill in” signup form.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Enter email
  2. Enter a password and confirm
  3. Tick agreement checkbox

Once you’ve completed these easy steps, you press “Get my Reading

With over 20 years in business, Keen claims to be a trusted, reliable source for personal advice relating to your life. Just as with other sites, you can connect with readers by phone, chat, or email. The only difference with Keen is you don’t have the option for a video chat reading, which may be a deal-breaker for some customers.  

They give the first 3 minutes free, a standard incentive among most sites that offer readings. On their home page, you’ll find featured readers with their highest ratings (at least 4.8 out of 5 stars), as well as where Keen has been featured in mainstream media. 

Users can read all of the reviews and accolades. You can also check the length of time they’ve been in business. You’ll even notice that Keen has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. All these aspects give you an idea of how established the platform is. Ultimately this is all reassuring, but then it’s up to you to pick the best person for your particular needs. 

Helpful Features on Keen 

Just like some other sites, you can filter through a variety of topics to find advisors that specialize in the areas of love & relationships, tarot, astrology, and mediumship. Compared to other sites, there aren’t as many options for filtering. If the price is driving your decision, you can choose to narrow down choices by the ‘per minute charge’ you wish to spend and how you want to communicate.  

Review of Keen Reading Pricing

Some readers charge $50 per minute for a reading service.  Yes, you read that correctly! Perhaps those with bigger budgets may opt for these advisors, but there are plenty of psychic readers with high ratings that don’t charge anywhere near this price point (as low as $1.99).

There is also a user match area where you are asked a series of questions, one of which is how you feel today. Then you are asked what you want to speak with an advisor about and what specific skill they have (i.e., clairvoyant, angel readings, or an ‘I’m not sure’ option). You also have the choice of how you want the information to be delivered.  

The results are around 10 mediums to choose from with a healthy mix of skillset and price points in their profiles.  

One area that’s unique to Keen is their guidance around first-time customers, especially those who have never experienced using a psychic service online. You’ll find a series of videos such as 

  • Do’s & Don’ts of Psychic readings;
  • What to do after a reading;
  • When to ask a specific question
  • And lastly, How to Get the Best Reading on a budget. 

This particular video breaks it down via a “STAR” method, which is outlined below.

  • Subject. (What you want to know about)
  • Timing. (timeline)
  • Asking. (what is your exact question)
  • Relationship To You. (How does the situation relate to you). 

This is a beautiful roadmap for someone who requires a virtual hand-holding session before meeting their psychic reader for a spiritual reading. Keen seems to care deeply about ensuring their customers are maximizing their investment. Hence, videos and articles are provided for you to help give you a seamless experience. This serves to enhance their experience and makes for a trustworthy resource.

While there’s no screening process for legitimacy before being part of the site, Keen relies on advisors’ customer reviews. It’s typically how most of us shop online these days anyway; we’re usually looking at other people’s testimonials of a product or service before making a decision. 

There seems to be a heavy emphasis around readings about love and relationships on Keen. In fact, there’s an entire section on the site dedicated to it in an FAQ style article. Since it’s a popular topic, one piece that speaks to the integrity of the site is how to phrase questions regarding future relationships. 

Keen suggests using open-ended questions such as 

“what can I do to attract the right significant other for me?”

“What steps can I take to get over my breakup?”

“what can I do to advance my career?”

Keen psychics advise against asking questions like, “When will I meet my soulmate.” 

Astrology is also a hot-topic on Keen. Just as other sites offer, you can get a glimpse into each sign and a quick horoscope for yesterday/today/tomorrow. 

Keen User Agreement & Refunds

You’ll be guaranteed to find some fast facts of each sign as well, such as romance month, signs of friends who will be the optimal secret keepers, and your best day of the week. You will also see the sign of who your karmic love partner is along with a lengthy explanation of that person’s sign, traits, compatibility, and so on. And naturally, you’ll find features advisors who specialize in astrology readings and a fun Astrology Q&A video.

Just as with any website, trust your judgment. Use your intuition, read the Keen psychic testimonials, and this will lead you to a person who undoubtedly will have your best interest at heart.  

And if they don’t, the Keen user agreement will guarantee you a refund of $25 maximum in promotional credits to use with another psychic reader if you have a complaint. There are some stipulations about the guarantee with Keen. However, they are anxious to gain your trust, so if you don’t have a connection with an advisor that you hoped for and wanted to lodge a complaint, make sure you address the issues by submitting the feedback in a contact support request within 72 hours of your reading.  

Keeping the guarantee of the $25 credit in mind should you have a poor experience or a complaint, it’s a good idea to find someone charging a lower per-minute rate at first.

Promotional Credit & Keen Psychics Offers

If you have a 15-minute reading with an advisor who charges $12 per minute, $25 credit won’t make that much of a difference in your overall spend on one reading.  

Unless you are referred to an advisor by someone you know or testimonials, there is never a real strategy for picking the best person for advice. 

The Keen psychic site does a good job organizing their advisors. They offer an easy way to identify who might be the best fit, but always keep in mind these sites are for entertainment purposes only. 

Open your heart, have zero expectations while allowing the advisor to connect with you energetically. Set yourself up to have positive intentions before the reading. If you do all these things, you will most likely come away feeling exhilarated and with a complaint!  

In a Nutshell

The advisors at Keen specialize in love, relationships, and many other types of reading. They achieve this by using tarot cards, channelling, astrology, and many different spiritual abilities to give you much-needed answers to your burning questions. The psychic readers are on call 24/7 either by telephone, video chat or through the Keen mobile app. Keen has received more than 35 million consultations, so you know they have a track record when it comes to online mediums. 

Is Keen Legit or are Their Love Readings or Scam?

When it comes to trust and safety, Keen offers a reliable and established product that gives you peace of mind by offering a credit refund if you are not happy. They accept various trusted payment methods. 

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