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Keen offers a unique approach to online psychic readings that distinguishes itself from many competitors. Through viewing customer feedback, people can determine which psychic advisors could be a potentially great match. If you have come looking for answers to those burning questions, Keen provides a massive selection of psychic readers that have varied specialities to suit most peoples requests.

If you are considering using an online psychic or medium for a reading either by chat or phone – the key is to find advisors that you like and trust. Keen has some of the best, and it’s up to you to try them and see which fit is best for you. Use the free minutes offer to try out psychics that best suit your needs. As the New York Times article said, “online advisors are the new wellness coaches.” Overall Keen really stands out as a service great experience especially if you choose to connect with good rated psychic advisors.

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First Impressions

When visiting Keen, you are presented with various options to help you narrow down and choose a relevant type of reading that suits your needs.

The first option is to select a type of reading from the following list

  1. Psychic Readings
  2. Love and Relationships
  3. Life Questions
  4. Tarot Readings
  5. Spiritual Readings

Then you can choose whether you want to find readers that provide phone or online chat readings or both.

Then you set a suitable price range on their easy to use price range tool that allows you to set minimum and maximum rates which are charged by the minute. The minimum on the price starts at only $1.99/min and goes up to $9.99/min.

When your happy with what your budget is set to you simply press search to be shown a list of psychic readers that match your previously chosen preferences.

The list of psychic reader displayed is very easy to browse through due to simple and effective design with a picture of each psychic reader, their username and short description to get a feel for each readers specialty.

A price is clearly shown next each psychic advisor and a most useful piece of information is a user rating with rating stars, a score and the number of reviewers. All great features to help you choose by seeing what other users have fed-back for each psychic whilst finding the most relevant psychic medium fir your needs.

Choosing a psychic advisor

Once you have chosen a psychic advisor from the list it’s as easy as pressing the chat now button or alternatively if the advisor is not available at the time, you can click “arrange chat” which will allow you to schedule a future date or time.

In order to chat with your chosen psychic advisor you must create a new account.

Creating a new Account

After clicking the “chat with advisor “ button you are presented with a really “easy to fill in” signup form.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Enter email
  2. Enter a password and confirm
  3. Tick agreement checkbox

Once you have completed these easy steps you simply press “Get my Reading

In a Nutshell

The psychic advisors at Keen specialise in love, relationships and many other types of reading. They achieve this by using tarot cards, channelling, astrology, and many different psychic abilities to give you much-needed answers to your burning questions. The psychic advisors are on call 24/7 either by telephone, video chat or through the Keen mobile app. Keen has received more than 35 million psychic consultations, so you know they have a track record when it comes to online psychics.

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