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Oranum Review Scores
  • Easy to use website
  • Brand satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Quality of service

What is Oranum?

It is a live psychic reading platform that allows users to video chat in both a free and private session mode.

The platform has hundreds of live experts to choose from, each with their own specialties and experiences. You’ll find everything from dream interpretation, spiritual healing, clairvoyance, divination tarot, astrology, fortune-telling, love readings, and more besides.

When you first log in to Oranum’s home page, you’re immediately greeted with the friendly faces of psychics with a variety of special abilities.

The site features psychics to accommodate users in all time zones. You can easily see if an advisor is online by their status indicator. The status is highlighted by showing the ‘Live’ with a small green dot in the upper-right corner of each reader’s profile pics.

Below each psychic, you can view useful information about that reader’s rating, what language they speak, and which areas of spiritual expertise they have. Most of their psychic advisors are fluent in English; some can speak other languages too.

The dashboard format allows you to easily filter to identify those who can accommodate whatever you’re looking for when reading types. You have the option to pick someone available immediately for a private session by clicking ‘live’ psychics. Then you have the opportunity to narrow down the categories and results further. You can also choose based on their star rating, which is up to five stars. This kind of filtering really helps when choosing the right person to get readings on Oranum from the hundreds of people you can choose.

What Types of Readings are Offered?

There are many topics and services to choose from. In addition to regular psychic and mediumship readings, you can get insight through astrology readings, palm reading, numerology, dream interpretation, and even a sound healing session. Some have a specialty around topics of love and relationships, career, home, and family life, as well as tarot cards and gypsy card readings.

Is Oranum Good Value for Money?

To chat with a psychic, you must sign-up, which is free, and you are immediately given 9.99 in free credits, which is about a 3-minute reading. You then have the option to upgrade to their premium membership, which gets you 35 free credits. You cannot chat without giving your credit card information, and so you are offered a few options. After your free reading, you can buy the in-depth package, which is 27.99 in credits, and costs $35.99. After the in-depth package, you can buy the awakened (labeled ‘popular’) package, and for $79.99, you get 67.99 in credits.

The most expensive is the cosmic package for $112.99 that gets you 97.99 in credits. Each option gives bonus credits as an incentive. 

Some healers are more costly than others are money-wise. If a package is chosen, it’s a good idea to be mindful of their per minute charge since that could result in a shorter reading from a time perspective.

When you don’t choose any package and click out of the options, you get a ‘last chance’ special offer that is their cheapest package and warns you the offer only appears once. That is 17.99 in credits for $24.99. 

Psychic Chat Advisors Live on Video Camera

Compared to other psychic reading sites, one advantage of Oranum’s platform is that you can visit each healer’s private room without even spending a dime. Each psychic expert is live on camera. You can chat with each of these readers in the free mode and get a more in-depth description of their abilities, what they specialize in, etc. in sort of a short bio format. 

Oranum Review
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Some psychics will pull a card or rune if you ask them in the chatbox. This can help boost your confidence. You can also perhaps connect with that healer energetically since there are many to choose from. If you ask for more, they will promptly tell you that a psychic reading might be needed because the one card/rune pull is a snapshot of your present situation. They may also tell you that they won’t go further than that, which is understandable. It’s probably a typical situation where people’ troll’ and see how much they can get free. 

How Do You Use the Free Chat Credits?

You can use your free credits to get a 3 minute reading to get clarity on whether you think the reader is a good match for you before you start your in-depth v chat. This places you in an excellent position to assess and make sure you’re happy to continue the process of having readings on Oranum. When you need to top up, it’s straightforward as simply clicking for more credits to buy more time in the psychic reading private session. 

How Do I Choose the Right Psychic?

So how do you go about choosing the ‘right’ psychic? Many of these psychics have 5-star ratings and rave reviews, so it can be challenging to narrow down the one you feel will be most accurate. Depending on whether you want a reading immediately, you can scour the ones who are ‘live,’ but in the end, your best bet is just to use your intuition and see who you are most drawn towards.

 When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is an FAQ section. The majority of the questions are around fees and billing and the difference between a basic/free subscription and a premium account. 

Compared to other psychic reading sites like Keen or Psychic Source, Oranum appears to be no-frills. Meaning, you are taken directly to their main dashboard to pick a topic and then choose your psychic. 

It’s well organized in that way, where others have a landing page before you can see all their psychics. There’s no marketing or claims they have the best psychics available. They don’t list customer testimonials front and center or showcase which media outlets they’ve been mentioned or written up in. They offer a support section with FAQs. It’s almost as though Oranum gets straight to the point, pick your poison and let’s get this party started!

Find a psychic who will give you the most accurate reading by starting out slowly and feel them out. It’s really the only way aside from reading reviews from other customers. There’s no doubt Oranum gives you the choice of a variety of people who have decades of experience. The psychic’s reviews are beneficial when it comes to finding the right psychic for you. 

It’s a no-nonsense, affordable, straightforward option for those who don’t need a lot of fluff reassurance on a website. Many of the psychics’ gifts overlap, which can be more comfortable when seeking answers to multiple questions that span different areas of your life. Trust your gut when choosing one, and always have fun and keep an open mind! 

Starlene B
345 Reviews
Starlene B

Hi, my name is Starlene Breiter, but you can call me Star! I am an astrologer, psychic, I read Tarot Cards and I am a Reiki Master. Graduated a 3 Years Astrology school

Free initial chat then charge/minute

Claiming your Free Credits

When you sign up with Oranum, you can get $9.99 worth of free credits just for validating your credit card. I would take advantage of this offer.

Is Oranum Trustworthy or a Scam?

Oranum is a legitimate company where you absolutely can get a reading without getting scammed or taken advantage of. So when they ask for security details like username, email address, phone, and credit card information your are in completely safe hands.

It is undoubtedly a trustworthy platform for users looking to make contact and get professional advice, especially for those looking for answers to questions about love, wealth, family, jobs, and other critical areas of life. 

What stands out about Oranum?

Getting to know real people face-to-face is what stands out about Oranum compared to other platforms. When you first arrive at Oranum.com, you can view live video of actual experts to choose from. This is an incredibly useful way to gauge the right match for your private reading. As a rule, I always like to check out each reader’s bio to get a good feel of who they are and what they provide in terms of reading types. So this feature helps in that respect.

What Stands Out About Oranum?

One of my favorite things about Oranum is that whatever type of reading you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a psychic that specializes in it. The website conveniently allows users to filter psychics based on the type of services you are looking for.

Oranum Mobile App

The mobile app is not as intuitive or as user-friendly as the website. The mobile app currently does not allow users to view each psychic’s profile.

If you want a paid session, I would highly recommend using the browser version.

Extensive filtering options alongside the ability to watch live psychic sessions before paying for a private one provide some great options. All this means that there is plenty of ways for users to ensure they engage with the right spiritual advisors.

The video chat room aspect is, by far, the most significant advantage. It allows you to see the expert you are looking at in real-time, which helps you get the most out of the time spent on the site.

The other stand out factor is that great introductory offer of $9.99 in free credit. This is activated and able to be claimed when you join and enter your details, so there’s no excuse not to give Oranum a whirl.

One way to see that the site is legit is to see plenty of real user reviews that are incredibly happy with the platform in terms of the accuracy of the readings.

What Oranum’s users say

Anna L left this positive review:

“Excellent website and amazing psychics! – I am a massive fan of Oranum! I have used the platform to contact psychic readings since the very beginning. In recent times, I only have private sessions with a number of the psychics I trust, which are: Alycia Rose, Benny Ciaccio, LoveDrNikki, and Psychic Fae. Those are a small selection of the psychics who are the most expert and always accurate when it comes to predictions and advice.

Barry B left this glowing review:

“I really enjoyed my reading. I came into the session, having no idea how to approach various aspects of my life and left with a clear mind and very peaceful. One of my family members also came through in the reading, which was great. I will be back!”

Jenna P

“It was amazing, and on the money. We had a family reading, and the reader concentrated on my husband as he was the one with most of the questions. I was very surprised at how accurate my reading was. I am certain I will arrange a time with again to look into my means of life. Thank you”

Although a few problems can be solved with meditation, it is advised to connect with a psychic. 

You can also access customer service to chat for help with the support team if you have any questions or issues relating to membership, credits, billing, and other topics. You quickly access customer service and contact a member of the support team by locating the Contact Support section on the Get Credits window. 

So How to claim the 10 Minutes of Free Credits.

Oranum.com offers 10 minutes of free chat time with any online psychic reader. Users can claim the 9.99 free credits offer just for signing up and entering the credit card details.

New users can pick from a vast choice of literally hundreds of psychics to use the 10 minutes. Once those initial credits expire, you can quickly get more credits for reading time.

Final Verdict

If you prefer a video chat instead of a phone reading or text message reading, this is the service. There is a rich amount of biography details for each psychic, so you get a good feeling about potential matches for your paid readings.

Oranum Review Scores
  • Easy to use website
  • Brand satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Quality of service
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