What types of psychic readings exist

Types Of Psychics Readers You Can Get Answers From

We'll run through some of the most common types of psychics to help you get a feeling for the type of reading that matches your current situation.

Across the ages humankind has looked to psychic people to help guide them and offer advice. It can be tricky to choose a reader if you don’t know about the various abilities that are available for a reading. Psychic readers come in many different forms so its useful to know about each type of psychic reader. Lets run though the various types of psychic readings you can connect with.

Psychic abilities are nurtured from within. Those with gifts tap into the emotional and energetic aspects of our reality.

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Medium Reading

If you connect with a psychic medium they will be able to channel spirits and relay messages from close family, loved ones and friends that have passed. You can also have a reading where mediums connect with angels in order to gain insights into your life and offer you paths and peace of mind and reassurance.

The medium will allow a spirit to communicate through them acting as a bridge between the spirit world and our world. They can connect their trusted spirit guides to offer you messages.

Clairvoyant Reading

A clairvoyant will give you a reading by using their mind’s eye to view things that or psychically not present in our reality. They tap into visions of events and people to give you answers to your burning questions.

Clairaudient Reading

A clairaudient listen to voices and thoughts from the spirit realm to help give messages or meaning to your current situation. They use this special gift to connect with angels ort spirit guides.

Divination Reading

When you have a psychic reading with a divination reader they will use intuition to tap into feelings and situations and use their highly attuned gift to tap into a person’s situation. They are a great choice of the reader if you want to understand what your going through in your life on many levels. Divination Psychics can use Tarot Cards, Runes or Crystals as tools to help them reveal signs and insights.

Empath Reading

This type of psychic reading centres around emotions and feelings in order to read what you’re going through and offer advice accordingly. An empath will use their incredibly sensitive skills to sense what moods or situations you are experiencing.

Precognitive Empath Reading

These type of empaths can sense things before they happen. This can be through sudden feelings, sense good or bad omens and can have spontaneous thoughts or even vivid dreams that play out like an exact version of what’s to come.

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