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Why Hire Online Psychics And Mediums?

Why we hire mediums to give us psychic readings that tell us about our lives and connect with our deceased friends and relatives.

Times have changed, and so has the way people view psychics today.

There was a time when going to a psychic or wanting to connect with a departed loved one through a medium was considered taboo. There was a swirl of judgement around people looking to consult psychics. Paying complete strangers who claim to be professional psychics who have other-worldly abilities to seek advice about their love life was frowned upon.

psychics then now

Someone who just wanted to get confirmation Uncle Jack was no longer in pain and at peace was considered outlandish. And never mind if you actually were a psychic or medium, would you dare tell anyone?

Would your friends and family think you were crazy or some kind of witch? Would they tease you about proving your ‘gifts’ by reciting the winning numbers for next week’s lottery? Or deem you to be one of those fake psychics! Most of the time, especially if you were a man, it wasn’t worth the risk of ridicule. Many would ‘push down’ their abilities which would lay dormant.

These days, thankfully, there is no taboo or public pressure to make you feel out of your comfort zone. It’s widely accepted and seen as quite usual to visit medium or an online psychic for a psychic session or in fact be a psychic yourself.

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Modern Day Psychics from Celebrities to Wellness Healers

Nowadays, real psychics and mediums are not just widely accepted, they are celebrities! Thanks to mainstream media and reality TV, we have programs featuring the likes of Theresa Caputo, better known as the Long Island Medium. From Los Angeles to New York City, you’ll find them. There’s a young man named Tyler Henry, who has his own show on the E! Network.

A gifted psychic his uncanny ability to communicate with a client base, including the friends and families of the celebrities he meets with is nothing short of unbelievable. One could argue the information he gets can be found on the internet. Still, some of the things he tells them are so specific and personal that it defies the odds of uncovering this insight from a google search.  

Gifted Psychics & Real Abilities

Reputable psychics and mediums have real gifts, just as athletes, singers, and artists do. They tap into the intuitive side. The life story of a psychic begins when they are born with psychic ability, and others have to work at them and practice. No matter the skill level, the psychic business is a very legitimate business. When a reading is delivered with accuracy and integrity, the experience can be life-changing.  

According to IBIS World, the market size, measured by revenue, the American Psychic Services industry in 2020 is at $2.3 billion. It is expected to increase by 1.1% this year!  

That’s a staggering statistic from the psychic industry, especially in these unprecedented times and unemployment in the United States is at an all-time high. It certainly begs the question, what is the allure of speaking to a total stranger about our personal lives and the chance to talk with our deceased relatives and friends?

Within the psychic community, authentic and responsible psychic and Mediumship readings, at its very core, is all about healing.  

Psychics for a Modern Age

More and more responsible online psychic mediums in recent times refer to themselves as intuitive healers. Gone are the days of psychics gazing into a crystal ball to ‘see’ someone’s future.

Take, for example, Miss Cleo, who made a name for herself as a spokesperson for the Psychic Readers Network back in the early 2000s is a thing of the past. Psychic mediums are everyday people who don’t wear turbans or draped in long purple velvet robes with the stitching of the moon and stars.

These healers are our neighbors, co-workers, friends, family members, and the cashier at the local grocery store.

tarot card reading
Some readers use tarot cards in readings

Divination Tools

Some healers use ‘tools’ to create an experience for their sitter (the term used for a client), like crystals, essential oils, tarot cards used for a tarot card reading, and astrology. But the truth is none of these tools are required for an authentic connection to interpreting messages from the spirit world. They are, however, used to assist in raising the vibration of both the psychic medium and sitter. 

Energy Field and Vibration – Why it’s called Mediumship

Let’s explore the concept of vibration a bit further. Everything in this Universe is energy. The spirit world is at a frequency that’s too high for humans to comprehend. It takes a lot of energy for our loved ones, in a mediumship reading, for example, to ‘come down’ to our level. 

Before the psychic reading commences, the medium and sitter should have an intention to raise their vibration. This can be done by meditating, engaging in some deep breathing, inhaling or applying an essential oil (which is the highest frequency substance on the planet) or holding a crystal. 

By doing these exercises before the reading, we’re attempting to meet our loved ones in spirit in the middle, which is why it’s called Mediumship.   

A psychic reading is more about insight into one’s life. The psychic perceives the sitter’s energy and typically can interpret information from a combination of the psychic’s intuition (which is an extension of the soul, a deep knowing) and tapping into the divine realm. When there are questions about possible future events, the psychic will pick up on the vibration of the sitter offer a few scenarios to bring a deeper meaning to the fore. 

Free Will & the Manifestation of Destiny

We all have free will. However, when an online psychic is predicting a future event during a psychic reading, it tends to plant a seed or make an imprint in the sitter’s energetic field and subconscious mind.  

Quantum physics tells us that there are an infinite amount of futures available to us. What matters most is manifestation. Manifestation is what we do right now in the present moment that sets the stage for whatever it is we want to manifest. A psychic reading can assist in connecting to the spiritual realm to get the direction that helps put things in motion. There is no need to feel like you have little control over your life. 

Various Types of Psychic Connections

A mediumship reading can be a combination of the psychic’s connection to the spatial realm. It could be that they connect with a spirit guide, they could connect with angels or with departed loved ones. Although connecting to different entities, the same rules apply. In most cases, when someone is seeking a medium, their intent is to communicate with those who’ve transitioned to the “Other Side”, which is another way to describe the spirit world. 

What types of Psychics Are There?

A medium will use their ‘clairs’ to receive and interpret information. A popular method Clairvoyance is clear-seeing, which is one of many clairs that align with our other senses. There’s clairaudient (clear-hearing), claircognizant (clear-knowing), clairsentient (clear-feeling) and some others. Some mediums might be more clairvoyant and can actually see images and move-like scenarios.

In contrast, others like those who practice aura readings might feel energy and can interpret the information that way. No matter what, an authentic medium will strive to give more accurate and better readings by continuing their own education and practice.  

Online Psychics
Divination tools to aid psychic readings
Divination Tools such as Tarot Cards used as Psychic Reading Aids.

Both psychics and mediums can use tarot cards to help guide the reading too. Some may feel it’s a crutch, but quite the opposite is true. Psychic mediums are humans! They don’t always have all the answers 100% of the time. These things can be a helpful tool to enhance your readings.

As long as the intention of the psychic medium is pure and heart-centred, the spirit will do whatever they can to help convey a message that is meant for the sitter to hear. Even if that message is a card pulled from a tarot deck by an expert card reader. In fact, tarot readings have become a prevalent method these days with many online platforms allowing you to choose psychic advisors who use the divination tools.

Why Do People Pay to Have Online Psychic Readings?

People wonder what drives someone to spend money on an online psychic reading when they could see a social worker or therapist. The answer is that a psychic may pick up on things that others simply cannot and offer rich insight via their abilities.

Not all psychic mediums charge hundreds of dollars for online sessions, but integrity and word of mouth are significant elements to what makes a psychic medium reputable and sought-after. 

As mentioned earlier, readings are typically driven by the desire to heal. Although there are plenty of professionals who specialize in bereavement therapy, someone who has an opportunity to communicate with their loved one will jump at the chance to use a psychic reader. Especially if they’re open to the experience. Supplementing bereavement therapy with a reading from a medium on a regular basis can be helpful in the healing process.  

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Connecting to psychics in any location

When you are looking for a psychic reading it’s not necessary to be confined to hiring someone based on geography. While there might be plenty of local psychics, to choose from, there are thousands of gifted healers around the world. They can offer their services via a phone call or on the internet. Especially during these uncertain times, when you can receive a reading from the privacy of your home, it becomes even more of a desirable option. What a remarkable time we’re living in when someone in Australia can receive a reading from a psychic in New York.

This type of distant psychic reading can be a fantastic way to get answers to those burning questions. And during a phone reading sometimes a sitter can receive a more accurate reading because there are no distractions. Also, a psychic cannot pick up on clues from the sitter’s body language or eye contact.

A phone reading surely can suss out any inauthentic psychics who might otherwise rely on facial expression. So whether you’re in New York City, Dallas – Texas, Montreal or even India with today’s fantastic technology, we can all benefit from the unique ability of a medium of tarot cards reader.

Connecting With Deceased Loved Ones

In the difficult situation of grief, receiving validation that love never dies after the death of someone close can be a thrilling experience. To prove our loved ones are still very much alive is all that anyone can hope for. Even if loved ones cannot be seen, they can bring an enormous amount of comfort and relief to the sitter.

A great analogy of this concept is a married couple at home in their family room spending time together. When the wife says goodnight and heads upstairs to the bedroom, they still love each other. Just because they are out of sight doesn’t mean the love between them is any less.

Our loved ones are literally right here; upstairs, in the next room, or directly by your side. They just exist in the spirit realm, which is a dimension that has a frequency of a higher vibration than humans can detect. Think of a ceiling fan set to the fastest speed. We don’t doubt the individual blades exist just because we cannot see them. Same with our friends and family in the spirit world. They are here and with us always.  

Do Real Psychics Exist?

Whether it’s guidance on a relationship, career advice, or connecting with a parent that’s crossed over to the other side, psychic mediums can provide a sense of peace by giving you a psychic reading. These healers are called to do this work. Finding truly authentic psychics that operate from a place of love and integrity with an excellent reputation will almost guarantee a memorable experience filled with love and peace. Hard to put a price tag on that, eh? 

psychic tarot
Connecting with real psychics

Real vs Fake Psychics

The best way to differentiate between real and fake psychics is to use common sense and read the online reviews on psychic platforms. Psychic listing often has rating stars and recent reviewers who have had readings. It’s best to choose a popular one with good feedback. Try to get a reading and make use of the free minutes that most platforms offer. This can be an excellent way to see if your chosen online psychic is a good match for your reading needs.

Are there Really Free Psychic Readings?

Yes, there certainly are free readings, some psychic websites, and online platforms like Oranum offer free credit when signing up. Others offer 3 free minutes when you chat with your chosen psychic online or by telephone readings. The important thing about the video chats is that there is a human being speaking on screen, helping make you hold a better connection.

Once you have had your 3-minute reading, you can opt to continue for a more extended session. There are various convenient ways to pay these days, such as credit card or PayPal and many more payment methods.

The Best way to Get Accurate Answers 

Genuine psychics will give you a disclaimer that accurate answers are what they are seeing for the current time and that your future can change. Certain things may affect the accuracy and credible details of your reading, including your present situation, an unknown future and the questions you ask. A reading or card meaning is not going to reveal your whole future, but give you an idea of steps you can take for a better path.

For a stellar reading with credible details, it’s wise to prepare some questions beforehand, and the important thing is to give your full attention to the session. You can do this by having a basic understanding of the things you will ask.

Try not to ask closed questions. An example of a close question could be “Am I pregnant?” where you expect an exact date. 

Some example of questions that lead to a more accurate answer could be liked to love life or career.

  • Are they the right one for me?
  • Will I ever find my true love?
  • Does a romantic partner emerge on the scene?
  • How can my love life improve?
  • Can I live a healthy life?
  • Does my partner love me?
  • Will we have a happy life?
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